Big Smo


"If Kid Rock and Run D.M.C. had a love child, he would be named Big Smo."

Genre(s): country, college, fairs special events
Artist Bio:

In 2002 Big Smo self released his first album, “Kuntry Kitchen” named after the historical county store located on “The Kuntry Ranch” a 32 acre farm complete with heads of cattle and openpastures backed by fish filled ponds and the gorgeous Tennessee mountains. The album received rave reviews and Big Smo was on his way to becoming a local independent force. A few years later he released his sophomore album, “The True South”, a crossover album that blends his street experience with his backwood southern roots. After receiving overwhelming demand and response to the “The True South”, Big Smo knew he had found his calling. Looking to expand on his already growing musical career, Big Smo stepped back into the studio with good friend and partner DJ ORIG and industry veteran Jon Conner to refine his sound and develop new artists in the recording facility he had custom built on the ranch.
Soon Big Smo Discovered his love and passion for film production and embarked on learning a new skill set. Hard work and dedication to his new found talent helped to complete several music videos and short films. Before long Big Smo was completing productions for popular Tennessee artists. After touring as an opener with several regional and national acts , Big Smo decided to go back and re-evaluate his musical direction. As a result of many years of growing and learning Big Smo joined forces with industry executive Dan Neslson in early 2010 to form BIG SMO INC.  The company’s first release was a brand new Big Smo studio album, appropriately titled “American Made”.  Songs like “My Life In A Jar” , “Old Dirt Road” and “Kickin It In Tennessee” send the listener on a thrill ride through the country in an old Ford with no brakes. Guest appearances by many of Nashville’s underground heros and studio musicians added incredable flavor to an already infectious slab of musical delight.

Big Smo’s popularity began to rise throughout the nation catapulting him into a never ending tour of shows including the Mud Bog and Trail Riding circuit in states like Florida , Georgia , Alabama , Tennessee and Texas. Soon opportunities to work with companies like TRUCKS GONE WILD and LIZARD LICK TOWING AND RECOVERYcame about. In order to feed the frenzie off his loyal and growing fan base , Big Smo released the long awaited prequel to his latest album “Grass Roots” with a select collection of cuts as an EP. With the drive and determination to please his supporters , Big Smo tirelessly works to do whatever it takes to put on a performance that is unforgettable.There is no show too big or small, public or private, for him to do. You can expect the same energy and mind blowing experiance anywhere you see him on stage.

One puplication stated: “If Kid Rock and Run D.M.C. had a love child , he would be named Big Smo.”

Song List

Kickin' it in Tennessee
Kick Mud