Chris Isaak


Takes us all on a dark but beautiful ride--one you will likely recognize as your own.

Genre(s): corporate, fairs special events, adult contemporary
Artist Bio:

Mr. Lucky—Chris Isaak’s stunning new masterpiece—perfectly balances the ecstasy of great romance with the agony of pure heartbreak. Mr. Lucky offers passionate music that feels decidedly lived-in. Like some rocking Sinatra album for the 21st Century, Mr. Lucky is a song cycle about the good luck we earn and the bad luck we just can’t seem to shake.  Right from its killer opener—the wonderfully tortured “Cheaters Town”—to the concluding and uplifting “Big, Wide Wonderful World,” Isaak takes us all on a dark but beautiful ride—one you will likely recognize as your own.

“For better or for worse, the songs on this album do reflect where I am at in my life right now in one way or another,” Isaak confesses.  “I couldn’t define where that is exactly, but suffice to say when I hear these songs, they all make sense to me. The truth is I do put a lot of myself into my music. If people out there listening feel that it’s me in these songs, that means I’m probably doing my job. At the same time, I believe that anyone who’s ever fallen in love—or out of love—should be able to hear themselves in this album too.”

Throughout his impressive recording career—right from his stunning 1985 debut to this latest stellar effort—Chris Isaak has tunefully and artfully explored the good, the bad and the ugly of love, as well as other matters of profound human interest. He has done so with an abiding respect for popular music’s past, but at the same time with clear and vital passion for the here and now.

Song List

"Gone Ridin'"
"Livin' for Your Lover"
"You Owe Me Some Kind of Love"
"Blue Hotel"
"Lie to Me"
"Heart Full of Soul"
"Don't Make Me Dream About You" Heart Shaped World
"Wicked Game"
"Blue Spanish Sky"
"Can't Do a Thing (to Stop Me)"
"San Francisco Days"
"Solitary Man"
"Two Hearts"
"Dark Moon"
"Somebody's Crying"
"Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing"
"Go Walking Down There"
"Graduation Day"
"Think of Tomorrow"
"Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing"
"Let Me Down Easy"
"One Day"
"Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"
"King Without a Castle"
"Let's Have a Party"
"I Want You to Want Me"
"Blueberry Hill"
"We Let Her Down"
"You Don't Cry Like I Do"
"Breaking Apart"
"Live It Up"