CUSTOM ALLSTAR JAM featuring Sixwire

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Create your custom concert with your favorite Artists!

Genre(s): corporate, fairs special events, country
Artist Bio:

In today’s private and corporate engagement world, we are always looking for something new to energize and entertain your guests. With that said, I’d like to introduce you to CUSTOM ALLSTAR JAM.  With a proven track record, CUSTOM ALLSTAR JAM brings together an incredible house band fronted by the critically acclaimed musicians of Sixwire, who invites some of today’s top entertainers to sit in on their session and create a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave your audience with great memories and bragging rights of the show. 

With your choice of a number of stars to be a part of the CUSTOM ALLSTAR JAM, the show is built around your budget and made to fit the needs of your audience. It is truly a unique experience with every show. Each show averages 2-4 performers singing their greatest hits as part of one continuous, high-energy performance

  • One critically acclaimed house band

  • Clients can choose their own Artists (Rock, Country, Pop or a little bit of everything)

  • Increased audience engagement and interaction - there's something for everyone!

  • Increased perceived value by your audience

  • Minimal change over between Artists

  • Multiple Artists at Meet & Greet

  • One Rider with Simple Advance

  • No increased production costs

  • Your company  name can be branded with "..... ALLSTAR JAM"

  • An unforgettable CUSTOM show for your guests! 

Represented by WME, the Custom Allstar Jam is the hottest new entertainment option in the private event world!

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