Foster The People


Genre(s): alternative, college
Artist Bio:

Foster The People came together in late 2009 when Mark Foster met band mates Cubbie Fink and Mark Pontius through mutual friends in the Los Angeles music scene. Foster hailing from Cleveland, OH had been writing and recording music since his youth but it wasn’t until the three members came together that Foster’s music for the bands upcoming debut release, Torches, was ready for friends to hear.

In early 2010, Foster The People posted their first song “Pumped Up Kicks” on the internet. Days later it was used to score a friend’s fashion video, days after that it showed up on Hype Machine and a year later it had seemed to make its way into the ears of millions of listeners around the world.

Foster The People released their first EP this January to give fans a taste of what they’ll hear on Torches which is out this May! Until then the band will be on the road playing a completely sold out U.S. tour with stops including SXSW, Coachella and Sasquatch music festivals.

Song List

Pumped Up Kicks
Broken Jaw
Color Of The Walls
Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero
Call It If You Want
Helena Beat