Ghostland Observatory


A sound that is the culmination of past influence and present inspiration

Genre(s): electronicdj, college
Artist Bio:

Ghostland Observatory is not a band, but an agreement between two friends to create something that not only heals their beat-driven hearts, but pleases their rock ‘n roll souls. Taking the working man’s approach,Ghostland Observatory spend countless hours in their south Austin studio.They have released two albums in less than a year, and have moved audiencesfrom coast to coast with their live performances and unique style.

Ghostland Observatory is the duo of front man Aaron Behrens and producer/drummer Thomas Turner. Behrens’ vocal style and stage performancesare unique and uncompromising, and he has drawn early comparisons to Freddie Mercury and Prince. Turner is heavily infl uenced by electronic artists such as Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier and Green Velvet, as well as rockers such as The Animals, David Bowie, and The Clash. With their spectral blend of electronics, drums, guitar and vocals, they have emerged with a sound that is the culmination of past infl uence and present inspiration, and can only be described as BALLSY.

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