Here Come The Mummies


Get ready to rock like an Egyptian.

Genre(s): fairs special events, corporate, college, contemporary
Artist Bio:

It’s been a long and dusty road since 1922 when, at a dig in the desert south of Tunis, Professor Nigel Quentin Fontenelle Dumblucke IV (1895-1973) unearthed the ruins of an ancient discotheque to find a dozen undead Egyptian mummies inexplicably throwing down what he dubbed, “Terrifying Funk From Beyond the Grave.”

From these hovering souls, who called themselves Here Come The Mummies, Professor Dumblucke learned of the powerful curse that doomed them to wander the earth, seeking the ultimate riff, the one that may allow their spirits to rest after eons of, as they put it, “banging out solid fly grooves, y’all.” This so-called curse may have been retribution for the deflowering of a great Pharaoh’s daughter, but the story has become somewhat murky over the centuries.

What is clear is that these saucy specters resurfaced around the turn of the Millennium. Without so much as a hot bath, HCTM would open for P-Funk and Al Green, rock Super Bowl Village 2012, become regulars at The Bob and Tom Show and massive festivals like Summerfest, and make themselves the darlings of sell-out crowds over wide swaths of North America. Maybe that’s why the ladies (and some dudes) can’t stop losing their minds over these mayhem-inducing mavens of mirth.

Now Eddie Mummy, Java, K.W. Tut, Mummy Cass, Spaz, The Pole, Midnight, Mummy Rah, and The Flu have again “pooled” what remains of their hearts, brains and dusty, withered appendages to make Cryptic, their new collection of songs. According to Java, “Cryptic is sexy, scary, funny, sweet, low-down, hiked-up and basically kicks ass, baby,”

The new songs are some of HCTM’s most infectious to date: “Chaperone” is an ode to sneaking off for a little nooky and is super-hooky; “Petting Zoo” drips with animal attraction providing a meteoric, metaphoric good time; there’s a super-fly paean to HCTM’s favorite pastime called “You Know the Drill” and “Never Grow Old” is a soul-set piece that will… well, never grow old.

These un-dead charmers began foaming at the mouth (and elsewhere) at the notion of taking Cryptic on the road. It’s happening now. Get ready to rock like an Egyptian.

Song List

Ra Ra Ra
Dirty Minds