Julianne Hough


Revealing her appreciation for country music's roots!

Genre(s): fairs special events, corporate, country, college
Artist Bio:

Every country artist once had a “day job,” that commonly used music business term for an occupation that pays the bills and fills the void between hopeful aspiration and bonafide success. However, never in the history of country music has someone taken a more celebrated path on the road to their country music dream than Julianne Hough (pronounced “Huff”).

A triple threat as a singer, actress and dancer, Julianne is already known to millions of fans as the two-time professional dance champion on ABC-TV’s top-rated Dancing with the Stars. The show, which pairs professional dancers with music, sports, film and television celebrities, has become a cultural phenomenon and Julianne its top star.

Though Julianne has been winning world dance titles since her early teens, her ultimate goal has always been a career in country music. Her newly signed deal with Universal Music Group Nashville (UMGN) is providing her the vehicle to realize that dream. “I’ve always wanted to sing country music,” says the 19 year-old blonde. “I’ve grown up with country music. I love how real everybody is, not just the artists, but the fans.”

Talent, discipline and determination are a potent combination that generally prove skeptics wrong, and that’s exactly what Julianne did. She moved to Los Angeles, knowing she could earn her living as a dancer while pursuing her musical dreams.

Recorded in Nashville and produced by Malloy, Julianne’s debut disc reveals her appreciation for country music’s roots as well as her fresh-faced contributions to the genre’s future. She has a warm, textured voice that is equally suited to feisty up-tempo tunes and contemplative ballads, both of which can be found on her debut. “I love story songs and message songs,” she says, “but I also love quirky, fun, up-tempo songs that make you want to just get up and move.”

Julianne Hough’s debut is a compelling collection of songs about the joys and challenges of everyday life delivered by an evocative young voice. It’s the perfect vehicle to carry her from her successful day job to the realization of a dream come true.

Song List

That Song in My Head
My Hallelujah Song
Is That So Wrong