It's all about love

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For Kaskade, it’s all about love. “It’s that simple,” says the California-based producer, songwriter and DJ. “And from that love comes the music,” he says, finishing his thought with a mischievous smile, as if to say, yes, when there’s love involved, for Kaskade, it really is that easy.

The proof is in “Dynasty,” Kaskade’s sixth album, a 12-track journey where love has never been more apparent in his sound. Available digitally April 27 with a physical release May 11, “Dynasty” is the follow-up release to the massively successful “Strobelite Seduction,” which garnered four global hit singles. Aside from the strong sales (#1 iTunes Dance for six weeks), the consistent and high music chart placement (Topping Billboard Hot Dance Airplay, iTunes Dance, BBC Radio, and “most played record” on Sirius Dance Radio 2009), various TV and film licensing (“Sex and the City,” movie and soundtrack, “Devil Wears Prada,” and the yet to be released “Date Night” with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey), Kaskade’s sound still held authentic to the underground, where the album generated some of the biggest club anthems of 2009. But that’s no surprise. With his honest approach to songwriting coupled with the epic, feel good production style Kaskade has shaped his legacy and, over the years, created a sound all his own. “Dynasty” reflects this distinction and can only be categorized as such electronic music, definitely, but it’s an Indie flavor that no other artist has been able to replicate.

With a unique sound comes equally unique situations. Consider Australia’s Parklife Festival, where Kaskade played alongside indie-pop heavies La Roux, Little Boots, and Empire of the Sun. It’s a rare performer who can rock the pop-electro hipster crowd one night, then hop a plane to Brazil and play to 2.5 million partygoers at Carnival. And in the same breath, drop into Los Angeles and sell out the historic Hollywood Palladium.

Kaskade operates in a creative space full of versatility, originality and an ever-fresh element of surprise, whether performing—or producing.  “Dynasty” embodies this individual spirit. The listener will find no evidence of the latest “trend of the month,” they will find no artists who appear on the album for the sake of hype.  For Kaskade, it’s not a consideration of “who’s hot” but whether or not they fit into his musical equation. “If I think I can create something new and fresh by combining my style with another artist, that excites me,” says Kaskade. “But so often what people are doing in dance music these days is so ridiculously obvious that I try to be selective and work with artists I feel can really help bring the sound to a new place.” Take for instance the track “Only You” which features production work from none other than Tiesto. “That guy is the king, for sure,” remarks Kaskade, “but by no means am I trying to do what he does…we have very different styles.” Yet, when Tiesto approached Kaskade, he saw the opportunity to develop something unexpected from both producers. The result is a blend of Tiesto’s signature pace of trance and Kaskade’s soulful swagger—organic California underground meets big floor Euro.

As easily as Kaskade is able to work with a major like Tiesto, with remarkable aplomb he can flip it right back into the Indie space. “Fire In Your New Shoes,” featuring Dragonette’s Martina, delivers a rock-riffed, downtown cool, electro-pop sound sure to resonate all summer with the big city set.The first single, aptly titled “Dynasty,” is a gritty production, smoothed out by the vocals of Haley; the ethereal singer of “I Remember” and “Move For Me” fame.

While creating “Dynasty,” Kaskade was plenty busy. As the go-to producer for taking pop hits and turning them into dance floor anthems—in the past year alone he remixed tracks for Lady Gaga and Beyonce, Timbaland, Keri Hilson, Little Boots and Empire Of The Sun.

Amidst all the work and accolades in 2009, including a Best Remixer Award at the IDMA’s and nominations for Best American DJ, Best Producer, and Best Full Length DJ Mix; Kaskade also relocated for the production of “Dynasty”. He packed up his studio in San Francisco and headed to a small beach town in Southern California. “I wanted a change in my creative space. So I came down here to the beach, started surfing and just switched up the pace.”

To support the album, Kaskade is planning an extensive worldwide tour which will span through the end of 2010. In addition to headlining several large festivals such as Coachella, he will also take up a residency this summer at the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas. The multi-million dollar, 60,000 square-foot facility is the standard of poolside luxury – and Kaskade will be there to set the soundtrack to what will surely be the biggest pool party of summer 2010. One thing’s for certain for Kaskade and his legions of fans around the world: As long as he’s playing music, you will find love.

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