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All Join In is Kenny Loggins’ first album of up¬tempo music for the whole family and an altogether exciting new addition to a body of work that already includes two groundbreaking and genre defining albums of lullabies for children, 1994’s Return to Pooh Corner and 2000’s More Songs from Pooh Corner. Working with his co-producer Jesse Seidenberg and a talented group of musical collaborators that includes all of his five children, this two time Grammy winner has lovingly crafted an extremely entertaining and uplifting song cycle specifically created to please both parents and children.

At the same time, All Join In also represents the latest musical statement in one of the most enduring careers in popular music or what sometimes seems more like a whole series of varied careers all have been lived by this singular recording artist. “I’ve always been a bit of a moving target,” Loggins says with a laugh. Yet as he puts it, “Even in a life that’s been so full of music, All Join In feels unique and meaningful to me, both as a musician and perhaps even more so as a parent myself.”

Kenny Loggins was far ahead of the curve when it came to recording music for children. “When I made my first record for kids, a lot of people around me were worried,” Loggins recalls. “They thought that people wouldn’t care or that I’d instantly lose all my rock & roll credibility. But I felt making music for kids and their parents could mean so much. Then Return To Pooh Corner became a hit a perennial gift that people gave to new parents as a sort of welcome to the family, and it became something very special.”

For Loggins, All Join In takes another giant step forward. “In its own way, All Join In feels as groundbreaking as an up¬tempo album for the family as Return To Pooh Corner was as a lullaby album,” he says. “I think that you’d be hard pressed to find another children’s record with this kind of vibe. Many of the songs will be familiar, but the feeling is fresh and the mood is bright. I feel like this music can really connect with a lot of people of different ages.”

During nearly four decades as a professional singer songwriter, Kenny Loggins has established himself as many things to countless music lovers. For instance for first half of the Seventies, Loggins was, along with Jim Messina, part of the popular, influential and somewhat accidental duo Loggins & Messina that formed in the wake of the classic 1971 album Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin’ In, originally meant to be Loggins’ debut solo album.

When Loggins & Messina ended their musical partnership in 1976, Loggins pressed on to explore his own musical path as an introspective solo artist, beginning with such artistically and commercially successful releases as 1977’s Celebrate Me Home, with its popular title track, and 1978’s Nightwatch, which featured Loggins smash duet with Stevie Nicks, “Whenever I Call You Friend.” Loggins has since recorded a remarkable and eclectic series of albums, including such popular highlights as 1979’s Keep The Fire (“This Is It”), 1982’s High Adventure (“Don’t Fight It,” “Heart To Heart,” 1991’s deeply personal and acclaimed Leap Of Faith (featuring “Conviction Of The Heart,” which Al Gore has called “the unofficial anthem of the environmental movement”), 1993’s exquisite live retrospective Outside: From the Redwoods and 2003’s It’s About Time.

During this same period, Loggins grew even more well known for recording a series of soundtrack pop smashes including such Top Ten hits as “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack, “Footloose” from Footloose, “Danger Zone” from Top Gun and “Nobody’s Fool from Caddyshack II, as well as for participating in USA For Africa’s historic benefit recording “We Are The World, and co¬writing the Grammy¬winning Song of the Year “What A Fool Believes.”

Starting in the Nineties, Loggins’ audience then expanded considerably in age range when he went against conventional music industry thinking to become arguably the first major star from the rock world to dedicate himself to recording music for children. In other words, Kenny Loggins was making music for kids way back before it became an actual growth market. “Back in the day, I would sing the bedtime lullabies to my first three children,” Loggins recalls. “Then when I recorded my first children’s album, I replaced myself.”

With All Join In, Loggins is once again breaking ground. He credits Disney Music Group Chairmen Bob Cavallo and Walt Disney Records President David Agnew with the idea of making the album, and thinks it is only fitting that two of its chief corporate cheerleaders Agnew and Walt Disney Records Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Weatherson were themselves parents who played his earlier lullaby albums to their children. The release of the album has already been preceded by Loggins’ single and video for “Underneath The Same Sky,” the lovely and catchy theme song for the Tigger & Pooh And A Musical Too DVD and digital soundtrack.

All Join In represents the latest chapter in a remarkable enduring connection between the singer¬songwriter, Winnie the Pooh and Disney.

“You could say that Pooh and I go back a long way together,” Loggins says with a laugh. “In fact, when I was a senior in high school, I just happened to date Marnie Walker, the daughter of the President and later CEO of Disney named Card Walker. At that time I had just written ‘House at Pooh Corner,’ and it was one of the two or three songs that I would sing at a party. Then the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band wanted to record the song that summer between high school and summer. I couldn’t get permission from Disney for them to do my song about Pooh. Marnie said, `Let me talk to my Daddy.’ That’s how I became forever associated with Winnie the Pooh, and it’s become a lifelong connection. Years later, Disney put me together with the Sherman Brothers who did the music for the classic Winnie the Pooh movies and together we wrote ‘Your Heart Will Bring You Home’ for the The Tigger Movie.”

In gathering the perfect songs for All Join In, Loggins says, “It’s like putting on an old sweater. I want everyone to feel comfortable and have a sense they know what they’re getting in.” In this case, they’re getting into an inspired collection of creative takes on past classics including two songs by the Beatles’ “All Together Now” and “Two Of Us” (the later being first studio recording in decades by Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina), Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got A Friend In Me,” the Del Vikings Fifties classic “Come Go With Me,” Traffic’s “You Can All Join In” (appropriately joined by the song’s writer and former Traffic member Dave Mason) and Donovan’s Sixties classic “There Is A Mountain.”

As Loggins puts it, the resulting album is a kind of “tasty musical gumbo, full of a lot of colors and flavors.” For him, All Join In really is music for the whole family, the perfect soundtrack for any journey parents and children share. “Too many children’s artists sing down to the kids and that’s a big mistake. By the time they are three or four, kids today can be pretty savvy musically and aware. The musical barriers between the generations are breaking down.”

All Join In is the heartwarming and life affirming sound of the barriers falling down and music being shared by at least two generations. “The thing I clued into right away with this album is that because it’s up tempo songs, it had to feel playful and it had kids all over it,” Loggins says. “Kids love to hear other kids, and why not? I think if I hadn’t brought my own kids and their friends into the making of this album, it might have gotten too serious. They all kept making the music lighter and better. And in the end, I couldn’t be more proud of what happened when we all joined in.”

Song List

Danger Zone
I'm Alright
Meet Me Halfway
Playing With the Boys
I'm Free
This is It