Lord T and Eloise


intergalactic time travelers

Genre(s): college, urban
Artist Bio:

LORD T & ELOISE are Crunk artists and performers based out of Memphis, TN. The two self-proclaimed ‘intergalactic time travelers’ and ‘forebearers of the Rapocalypse” have spent the last three years touring the United States, sharing the stage with some of the industry’s most important modern performers, and bombarding the American media with their own sense of style, bravado and showmanship. The duo is set to release its third full-length effort, “TIME MACHINE 2013”, this August. The album, which takes place in the future, is a twenty-three track magnum opus of the duo’s experience with time travel, and harbors messages of what is in store for humanity.  Their upcoming string of live performances, entitled ‘The Rapocalypse Tour’, begins in August and will take the rap duo across the entirety of the American landscape until the close of the year.

Song List

Million Dollar Boots
I'm Rich
Palm Beach
Dance Move