Genre(s): contemporary, college, urban
Artist Bio:

Multi-platinum pop-star MIKA returns with his brand new album ‘The Origin of Love’, released on Island Records on October 8th 2012.

Following up his multi-million selling worldwide smash ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much’ (which debuted in every single i-Tunes top ten around the world), ‘The Origin of Love’ is Mika’s third album. Completely self-created and self-imagined, ‘The Origin of Love’ has been a two-year DIY labour of love for Mika who has put together everything on the record himself.

Mika has now sold over 8.5 million records and Gold or Platinum awards in 32 countries worldwide across his previous two albums ‘Life in Cartoon Motion’ and ‘The Boy Who Knew Too Much’, winning Brit and MTV Awards in the process, as well as a host of european and international awards and honours.

Song List

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
Origin of Love
Relax (Take It Easy)
Grace Kelly