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Genre(s): college, electronicdj, fairs special events
Artist Bio:

Milkman is the stage alias of Hip-Hop/Dance/Rock music producer Gregg Luskin from San Diego, CA. As a freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Milkman was introduced to various glitch-pop remix artists. After being exposed to this new and upcoming sample-based genre, Milkman spent the remainder of the year learning and improving his own mashup technique. It took Milkman 13 months to complete his debut album Lactose and THC (released January 22, 2008 under self owned production company Milkman Entertainment) and was available to download for free online. Over the course of the next year, the debut album Lactose and THC was downloaded over 26,000 from his website alone and was voted the “#2 Mashup Album of All Time” by DJ Forum. Soon after, Milkman took his music to a more professional level by offering live DJ service- extending the sound of his debut album for a more dance-oriented environment.

In the years following, Milkman expanded his fan base by performing locally in the shore-side college community Isla Vista. As word spread through college campuses around the country and over seas, Milkman’s popularity began to grow and was soon headlining performances from coast to coast. Milkman is now regarded as a premiere mashup DJ around the world and regularly performs with A-List artists such as Lil’ Jon and Three 6 Mafia. Milkman was awarded both “Hottest mashup DJ of 2008” as well as “DJ to watch out for in 2009” by DJ Forum. Prior to digital music production and live DJ performance, Gregg Luskin was the lead guitarist of San Diego based rock quartet A Dead Giveaway under the indie-rock label Pacific Records.

Song List

Cirlce of Fifths
Heart to Heart
Tribute to Ms. Lonely