He doesn't follow the normal rules of music

Genre(s): electronicdj, college
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“23-year-old Tigran Mimosa thrills audiences with his vibration-laden sonic endeavors and charismatic stage presence. His set at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle is the stuff of
legend, although he calls playing for a sold out crowd of 10,000 at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre “the most epic moment of my musical career.” 

Sound: MiMOSA produces hip-hop infused, deep bass dubstep constructed with expertly arranged synthcrunch layers that build to explosive moments of sonic boom. -Huffington Post

“It’s hard to tell where exactly a MiMOSA track is going to take you; Tigran does some non-traditional things when it comes to syncopation and mixed meter, and at Zoo this year, he mixed up his heavier, grimy bass beats with interjections of top-40 in unusual ways.” - 5 Acts to Watch: Flavorpill “I’m not sure he belongs in the dubstep genre, because I’m not sure he belongs in any genre. He doesn’t follow the normal rules of music. One question: “Does it have enough bass to rattle your brain around inside your skull? Good.” Of course” -Earmilk

Blissfully unconcerned with a world obsessed with categorization as a means of definition, Tigran aka MiM0SA crafts music for its own sake, defying expectations with genre bending soundscapes. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently residing in Los Angeles, MiM0SA began producing at the tender age of 17.  Blessed with an abundance of talent and an ear for sonic experimentation, this fan-favorite has quickly developed a name for himself as one of the West Coast’s top exports. And the word is spreading fast. To say that MiM0SA is on the rise is to miss the mark. Rather, MiM0SA has arrived.

This summer saw MiM0SA globetrotting from festival sites everywhere—including his headlining slot and Lightning in a Bottle, to triumphant performances at Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Shambhala festival, Red Rocks, Electric Zoo, Summer Camp, and Burning Man. MiM0SA also spent quite a bit of time this summer in the lab with Sleepyhead, working on new tracks for their highly anticipated collaboration, “Naked Poetry,” which they will release under the moniker SexyTime at the beginning of 2012. However, it was in Brooklyn, NY where MiM0SA found refuge as he wrote, recorded, and produced his debut full length album “Sanctuary,” released October 25 on False Idol Musik. After just one listen, it’s evident that his versatility as an artist goes hand in hand with his refusal to be tied down by any particular sound or style.

White his previous EP release, “58 Degrees,” favored a more grittier fusion of unrelenting beats and grime, “Sanctuary” works as one cohesive whole piece of work that finds MiM0SA immersed in rhythm, encompassing and centered around the 808 drum kit most notable on the track “Last Night In Town.”  However, the album carries an authenticity by which MiM0SA’s aesthetic appreciation of the origin of sound is fused with layers of various styles, textures, and grooves that embrace Dubstep, Hip-Hop, 2-step, Moombahton, Dub, and Downtempo. It becomes apparent that while building this collage, his vision was to “Steer away from aggressive tones, but at the same time try to find different avenues to get the same crowd response that a bigbass drop would get,” he comments. Take for instance “Castles in the Sky,” which finds MiM0SA opting for the classic sounds of straight dub reggae versus the dub step infused subwoofer odysseys heard on “Tiger Blood.”

MiM0SA extends his flavor for hip-hop by sampling and filtering vocals that rush with ambient interludes coupled with pulsating tempos and heavy 808s on songs such as “Starseed” and “Way Back to You.”

In just a few short years he’s shared the stage with standard-bearers like Benga, Skream, Rusko, Datsik, Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights, and Flying Lotus. He’s also played festivals and shows across North America, including Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, Decibel Festival, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This past March found him headlining his first tour, as he criss-crossed the U.S., selling out major venues like The House of Blues (Chicago, IL), Webster Hall (New York, NY), and The Fillmore Auditorium (Denver, CO). Not to mention stellar debut performances at legendary venues such as Newport Music Hall (Columbus, OH) and The Fillmore Miami Beach. The words tireless and prolific don’t quite do MiM0SA justice.

In one weekend he headlined Lightning in a Bottle, blasted over to Summer Camp, and finished off the weekend with a blistering performance at Detroit Electronic Music Festival. We’ll say it again, because it bears repeating, MiM0SA has arrived.

Song List

Dirty Money
58 Degrees