Sam Hunt


Genre(s): country, college
Artist Bio:

Hailing from rural Cedartown, Georgia - Sam Hunt is quickly becoming one of Nashville's most talked about young talents.
After finishing his football career as quarterback for the University of Alabama Birmingham - Sam made the move to Nashville to try his hand at songwriting. Shortly after settling into the Nashville scene, he was given the opportunity to write full-time for a publisher. Using the work ethic and discipline he accrued as a ball player, Sam began to develop his craft and quickly gained recognition as a gifted songwriter.
Sam made a name for himself in the country music community co-writing Kenny Chesney's #1 single "Come Over", as well as upcoming singles "Cop Car"/Keith Urban and "We Are Tonight"/Billy Currington.
He is currently writing/recording songs for his debut album - due out in 2014.
Samʼs sound owes itʼs roots to country music but has an eclectic style thatʼs based on pop, urban, folk and R&B influences.
He's currently bringing his high-energy live show to eager fans on a fall/ winter tour and his hometown anthem "Raised On It" is giving the world a taste of what's to come!

Song List

Leave The Night On

Raise On It