Sunny Sweeney


I've been branching out believe it or not

Genre(s): country, corporate, fairs special events
Artist Bio:

I’m from East Texas, and you’ll know that the minute you talk to me. When I get around my friends from home or family, my accent gets thicker and you will most likely need a translator. I sing country music in a country band, and I play acoustic guitar. I’m pretty low key person when I’m off the road, and my idea of fun is to sit on the couch with all three of my dogs beside me, a cold beer in my hand watching trash TV. I sat what I mean. I love the Grand Ole Opry, and I am a country music history buff. I love the twang of Telecaster guitars. I love watching guitar playin’ fools that sweat when they bplay, even when it’s only 6 degrees. I love writing songs with bad ass guitar players. Most of what moves me is old school country, but I’ve been branching out believe it or not

Song List

From a Table Away
If I Could
Drink Myself Single