Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use you, instead of the exclusive agent for the talent?

  • There are several reasons that we will be happy to discuss with you, but the two main reasons are:

     1. The Artist’s exclusive agent will send a contract to you, making you the buyer responsible for all rider requirements which are an additional cost over and above the cost of the Artist and since it is made part of the contract, you will be responsible to provide and pay for all of the requirement called for in the rider.  You will be legally liable for the contract if you can’t or don’t meet all of the stipulations called for in the rider.  Prime Source Productions, Inc. has 24 years of experience negotiating mutually agreed upon modifications to the rider. Example of expenses that you will incur that are detailed in Artist’s rider are:

    Sound & lights
    Catering for the artist, band and crew
    Green room (hospitality room) requirements
    Ground transportation
    Hotel accommodations
    On-site stage manager / show producer or coordinator
    Backline equipment for the band (dependent upon the artist)

    2. The exclusive agent is not a party to the contract.  The contract is between you the buyer and the artist.  The agent also has no legal responsibilities for the fulfillment of the rider or insurance that is required to be maintained.  If you are not experienced in the negotiation of securing an Artist or rider fulfillment, you should seriously consider using a producer or middle buyer for your event.

    Our primary objective is to save you time and money. We can guide you as to which artists might best fit your wishes and parameters. We know what typically motivates an artist to commit since entertainment procurement and show production is our daily business, making the booking process much more efficient and cost effective for the client.

Do you exclusively represent any artists on your roster?

  • Prime Source Productions, Inc. represents our buyers wishing to book or hire talent for their events. We are not the exclusive agent or management company for any of the artists listed on our website. We do, however, communicate with the managers and agents on a daily basis.

What kind of events do you mainly provide entertainment for?

  • Prime Source Productions, Inc. provides entertainment for your corporate sales meeting, corporate fundraisers, incentive meetings, corporate meetings, fairs, festivals, colleges, universities, casinos and private parties.

How much time before the event can a speaker or entertainer be contracted?

  • Entertainers may be contracted as far in advance as one year. There are no specific time guidelines.  If the date is plausible and an artist is available and willing to perform on the date, (with an Act of God only out clause), we can proceed to book or hire the Artist of your choice.  Prime Source Productions, Inc. has contract speakers and entertainment as close as a week before the performance date (even though this is not recommended).

What is the process?

  • Once you have decided on the date, venue and a general budget for the talent, please contact us via e-mail on our contact page or call us at 1.615.269.8500 (or toll free 1.800.737.1662). We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and budget, or suggest alternatives that will work for the type of entertainment that you want.
    When we have the information as to your date/budget/goals we will call you to discuss how best to proceed.  Our first goal is to determine a short list of talent or speakers that fit your budget and objectives.  Prime Source Productions, Inc. then proceeds to develop the costs for your approval.  Once you choice is determined, we will start the offer process. Our goal is to use our 24 years experience in contracting the best talent for your event at the most effective cost.

Is there an upfront fee to using your services?

  • There is no upfront fee to using our services; (unless there is a mutual agreement between both parties).

Is a deposit required?

  • Typically, the deposit is half of the negotiated performance fee, due upon confirmation of the act, with the balance due just prior to day of show. It can vary based on Artist’s requirements but you will be made aware of the deposit stipulation prior to contracting the engagement.

What is a rider for an artist?

  • The rider is a detailed document that is made part of your performance contract listing what the performer needs or requires to perform or make an appearance. Examples include (but are not limited to) requirements for sound, lighting, band equipment, staging, catering, security, lodging, power, labor, insurance and more.  Some riders can be from 1 to 40 pages in length.

What is a turnkey event?

  • A turnkey event is an event which all the necessary preparations for the event will be handled by a producer taking care of the details of the event. Prime Source Productions, Inc. can handle as much or as little of the details as you desire. Should you want us to take care of the show production details (in addition to securing the talent) such as staging, sound, lights, catering, transportation, stagehands, on-site day-of-show elements, we are happy to provide this service using our experienced staff. A seasoned show producer from Prime Source Productions, Inc. staff will be available on-site to coordinate all elements of the event, including load-in, set-up and tear-down of the show, as well as the actual concert itself.

How much of the event preparations/arrangements do you handle?

  • This is totally up to you if you want a turn key production or any variation of that. Prime Source Productions, Inc. can assist you in the selection of the talent, the contracting of the talent and the production of your event. Prime Source Productions, Inc. along with our clients normally determine which items each will be responsible for and we work as part of your team. 

Will an entertainer do this free since it's a fundraiser?

  • Prime Source Productions, Inc. works with several types of fundraisers throughout the country and each situation is different; however, the general rule of thumb is that artists get paid for their performances and appearances unless there are special circumstances directly related to an artist's cause.

How does Prime Source Productions, Inc. get paid?

  • If we are successful in securing the artist that you desire, our fee will be built in based on your approval and upon the elements of what you wish us to handle in the overall show production.